Current Local Rules


1 August 2012

DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES: The use of devices that measure or gauge distance only is permitted in accordance with the Note to Rule 14-3.

OUT OF BOUNDS:   Out of bounds is defined by the nearest inside edge at ground level of white posts, except on Hole #11 where out of bounds is defined by the course-side edge of the right-hand cart path.

WATER/LATERAL WATER HAZARDS: Where a concrete ditch liner exists, the margin of the hazard is defined by the course-side edge of the liner. The bridges on Holes #1, #5, #12, #15, and #16 are immovable obstructions within the margins of the hazards. For a ball lying outside a hazard, relief without penalty may be taken from a liner or bridge interfering with the player’s stance or intended swing in accordance with Rule 24-2.

EMBEDDED BALL: Through the green, a ball that is embedded in its own pitch-mark may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole.

STONES IN BUNKERS: Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions.

EDGING GROOVES AROUND PUTTING GREEN: If a ball lies on an edging groove around a putting green, the player may, without penalty, lift the ball, clean it, and place it out of the groove in the nearest position to where it lay, whether on or off the putting green, which is no closer to the hole.

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS CLOSE TO THE PUTTING GREEN: If a ball lies off the putting green but not in a hazard and an immovable obstruction on or within two club-lengths of the putting green and within two club-lengths of the ball intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may, without penalty, lift, clean, and drop the ball at the nearest point to where the ball lay that: a. Is not nearer the hole. b. Avoids intervention.  c. Is not in a hazard or on a putting green.

POWER LINES: If a ball strikes an elevated power line on Holes #10 or #11, the stroke is cancelled and the player MUST play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was played by dropping a ball at that spot or re-teeing as appropriate.